Wednesday, March 2, 2016

what is CNC Router 5axis

5-axis Stone Machining Center , CNC Router 5axis

5 axis stone machining center (CNC router 5 axis ) is with the highest accuracy and fastest speed among the CNC Routers. Italy Osai and Janpanese Yaskawa are big suppliers for 5 axis machining center. This large sized machining are applied in mold industry and instrument industry, such as automotive foam mold, wooden ship mold, wooden aviation mold,3D surface engraving and shape cutting of large-scale instruments etc. The machinable materials of 5 axis machining center are wood, EPS, epoxy
The characteristics of five axis machining center with high efficiency and high precision machining, clamping a workpiece can be completed in five face of. If with the high-end CNC five axis system, can also be used for high precision machining of complex curved surface, more suitable for processing like auto parts, aircraft parts and other modern mold structure. Vertical machining center with five axes of the rotary shaft is provided with two ways, one is worktable rotating shaft and arranged on the bed table can be around the X axis rotation and definition for a shaft, a shaft in the general scope of work + 30 degrees to - 120 degrees. Table in the middle is also provided with a rotary table, in the position shown in the figure on the ring around the Z axis rotation, defined as the c axis, the axis C is a 360 degree rotation.

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